Sunday, January 28, 2018

西兰花蛋煎龟包 Broccoli Eggs Fried Mi Gu


西兰花蛋煎龟包 Broccoli Eggs Fried Mi Gu


{材料} 西兰花适量(洗净,用加了一点油和盐的沸水川烫1分钟左右,待凉后切碎备用),鸡蛋2粒(加2滴酱油打散备用), 龟包去皮切片状。


1. 把西兰花拌入鸡蛋液中拌均后,将一片龟包放入双面沾满了西兰花蛋液。

2. 然后,放入油锅,双面煎至金黄色即可。

Broccoli Eggs Fried Mi Gu

{Ingredients} Broccoli (Wash and blanch over boiling water that add with a drop of olive oil and pinch of salt for about an minute, chopped it well), eggs x 2 (beaten with 2 drops of soy sauce.), mi gu (sliced)


1. Put broccoli in the egg mixture and mixed them well, add in 1 slice of mi gu to ensure both side well coated of broccoli egg mixture.

2. Then, deep fry it in the pan till both sides turn to golden brown color.

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