Saturday, February 11, 2017

酱焖肉碎土豆块 Soy Braised Potatoes Minced Pork

酱焖肉碎土豆块  Soy Braised Potatoes Minced Pork


{材料} 土豆2颗(去皮,切块状泡水),猪肉碎(用酱油,糖和胡椒粉腌10分钟),姜碎,蒜碎,小红葱碎。

{调味料} 黑酱油1茶匙,酱油2汤匙,蚝油1汤匙,清水5汤匙,麻油和糖适量。


1. 起油锅把土豆双面煎至金黄色,捞出备用。

2. 锅中留下少许油爆香姜葱蒜碎,加入肉碎炒至肉碎变色。

3. 加入煎好的土豆和调味料煮至收汁即可。

Soy Braised Potatoes Minced Pork

{Ingredients} Potato x 2 (peeled, cut into bite-size shape and soaked in water), minced pork (marinate with some soy sauce, sugar and pepper for 10 mins), chopped ginger, garlic and shallots.

{Seasonings} Black soy sauce x 1 tsp, soy sauce x 2 tbsp, oyster sauce x 1 tbsp, water x 5 tbsp, some sesame oil and sugar.


1. Heat up oil to fry potatoes till both side slightly golden yellow colors, dish up and set aside.

2. Use some leftover oil to sauté chopped ginger, garlic and shallot till fragrant, add in minced pork to stir-fry till change color.

3. Add in the potatoes and seasonings to ensure they well mixed and gravy is thickening.

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