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肉碎茄子盖饭 Eggplant Minced Meat Rice Bowl

肉碎茄子盖饭 Eggplant Minced Meat Rice Bowl


{材料} 茄子1(洗净切段状,撒些盐泡一会儿,沥干水分备用, 肉碎适量(用米酒,胡椒粉和一点盐腌10分钟), 蒜头碎(1粒), 小红葱碎(1粒), 青葱粒。

{调味料} 蒸鱼酱油2汤匙, 胡椒粉 一点, 糖 1茶匙, 豆瓣酱1/2 茶匙和麻油几滴。


1. 茄子先用蒸锅蒸8分钟左右。

2. 锅下油炒香蒜葱, 下肉碎炒和全部调味料炒至熟。

3. 倒入茄子拌炒均匀即可, 把炒好的肉碎茄子配上一碗白饭,趁热食用。

Eggplant Minced Meat Rice Bowl

{Ingredients} Eggplant x 1 (washed and cut into sectioned, sprinkle with some salt and drain it well later before cook), some minced porks (marinate with some rice wine, pepper and salt for 10 mins), chopped garlic x 1 tbsp, chopped shallot x 1 tsp, diced green onion.

{Seasonings} Steamed fish soy sauce x 2 tbsp, some pepper, sugar x 1 tsp, bean sauce ½ tsp and few drops of sesame oil.


1. Steam eggplants with steamer for about 8 mins.

2. Heat up some oil in pan to sauté chopped garlic, shallot and onion till fragrant, add in minced pork and seasonings to stir-fry till cooked.

3. Lastly, pour in eggplant to continue stir-frying till well mixed. Serve hot with rice.

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