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黑肉 Black Meat (O Bak)

黑肉 Black Meat (O Bak)


{材料} 猪肉片 (用黑酱油1茶匙,酱油1-2汤匙, 蚝油1茶匙,黑糖1茶匙,栗米粉1茶匙, 麻油和胡椒粉适量腌至少2小时或隔夜最好。)

{调味料} 黑酱油1茶匙,酱油1茶匙, 水5汤匙,麻油, 胡椒粉和糖少许, 全部拌均备用。


1. 起油锅把腌过的肉片煎一煎。

2. 然后下调味料煮至快收干即可。

Black Meat (O Bak)

{Ingredients} Pork slices (marinate with black soy sauce x 1 tsp, soy sauce x 1-2tbsp, oyster sauce x 1 tsp, black sugar x 1 tsp, corn starch flour x 1tsp, some sesame oil and pepper for at least 2 hours or overnight.)

{Seasonings} Black soy sauce x 1 tsp, soy sauce x 1 tsp, water x 5 tbsp, some sesame oil, pepper and sugar, mixed well and set aside.


1. Heat up oil to fry marinated pork slices.

2. Then, pour in seasonings and cook till gravy thickens, serve hot.

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