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蜜糖鸡翼 Honey Chicken Wings

蜜糖鸡翼 Honey Chicken Wings

{材料} 鸡翼 10 只 (洗净), 蜜糖适量.

{腌料} 酱油2大匙, 黑酱油1大匙, 蚝油2大匙, 伍斯特郡辣酱油1小匙, 绍兴酒1小匙, 姜粉1大匙, 盐1/2小匙, 糖1小匙, 麻油与胡椒粉少许.


1. 鸡翼用腌料腌至少半天.

2. 烤箱预热到180◦C/375◦F.

3. 烤盘上铺上铝箔纸(锡纸), 把鸡翼连同腌汁一同倒入, 鸡翼要排好, 不要重叠在一起, 皮的部分向下, 烤15分钟.

4. 然后, 涂上第一层蜜糖在鸡翼的双面, 现在所有鸡翼皮的部分反过来向上.(可以涂厚一点, 烤出来的颜色会比较美!)

5. 烤箱移到200◦C/400◦F, 再烤个20分钟后, 再涂上第二层薄薄的蜜糖即可.


1.把锡纸上留下的汁倒出来, 放入猪肉片, 腌隔夜.
2.热2大匙油锅, 放入猪肉与酱汁煎一煎.
3.中小火让猪肉焖煮, 中间要不停的翻面直到当酱汁开始浓稠或出现气泡时, 把酱汁倒出. (这可以算是家庭式的叉烧酱)
4.剩下猪肉在锅里煎, 加入一点点的油, 不停的翻转至两面都有少许焦即可.

Honey Chicken Wings

{Ingredients} Chicken wings x 10 (washed), honey in proper amount.

{Marinades Sauce} Soy sauce x 2 tbsp, black soy sauce x 1 tbsp, oyster sauce x 2 tbsp, worcestershire sauce x 1 tsp, Shao xing wine x 1 tsp, ground ginger x 1 tbsp, salt x 1/2 tsp, sugar x 1 tsp, some sesame oil and pepper.


1. Mix chicken wings with marinades sauce to marinate for at least half day.

2. Pre-heated oven 180◦C/375◦F.

3. Put a piece of aluminium foil on top of baking tray, put in the chicken wings together with the marinades sauce, arrange the wings well with skin side down, bake for 15 mins.

4. Then, apply 1st layer of honey on both sides of wings, turn all wings over with skin side up now. (Can apply bit thick layer of honey for pretty outcome later.)

5. Bake in oven at 200◦C/400◦F for another 20 mins , apply 2nd layer of thin honey. Ready for serve.

*** Marinades sauce that left on aluminum foil can be used to barbecue.

1. Pour out the sauce left in the foil and put in the pork slices and marinate overnight.
2. Heat up pan with 2 tbsp cooking oil; add in the pork slices with sauces to fry.
3. Let the pork slices simmer under medium heat, turn it over in between until the sauces start get thicken or bubbles, pour out the sauce if any. (This can be used as a family-style char siu sauce.)
4. Adding some oil in pan to fry the remaining pork slices, keep turning till both sides is well cooked with little burnt will do.

做法1-3; method 1-3
做法4-5; method 4-5
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