Thursday, November 24, 2011

肉末豆腐丁 Minced meat tofu




{材料} 豆腐 x 2, 绞肉x 100g, 葱(切末) 1大匙, 蒜末1大匙, 姜末1大匙.

{调味料} 酱油, 米酒各1 大匙, 豆瓣酱2大匙, 糖1/2 小匙, 太白粉水2大匙, 高汤1杯; 调成综合酱汁.


1. 豆腐切丁块, 放入滚水中汆烫. 沥干备用.

2. 热油锅, 放入蒜末,姜末与葱末炒香. 然后, 放入绞肉拌炒至变白色. 倒入综合酱汁煮沸. 放入豆腐丁, 轻轻搅拌; 煮至入味后, 以太白粉水勾芡即可.

Minced meat tofu (Original flavor)

{Ingredients} Tofu x 2, minced pork x 100g, onion (finely chopped) x 1 tbsp, minced garlic x 1tbsp, ginger (finely chopped) x 1 tbsp.

{Seasonings} Soy sauce x 1 tbsp, rice wine x 1 tbsp, bean paste x 2 tbsp, sugar x ½ tsp, cornstarch x 2 tbsp, water or stock x 1 cup; turn all into the mixed sauce in a bowl and set aside.


1. Blanch diced tofu in boiling water for a while. Drain and set aside.

2. Heat the oil in preheated wok, add chopped garlic, chopped ginger and chopped onion to stir-fry until fragrant. Then, put in minced pork and stir until it turn to white color. Pour in mixed sauce and bring it to boil. Add in diced tofu, stir it well softly; let it cook until the flavor has been absorbed and thicken up with corn starch. Ready to serve.

***喜欢吃辣的男. 女人可把豆瓣酱换成‘辣’豆瓣酱2大匙!!

***Those who prefer spicy, can change bean paste to “spicy” flavor bean paste x 2 tbsp!!

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