Thursday, May 2, 2013

芝麻甜面包 Sweet Sesame Seeds Buns


{材料A} 高筋面粉 500克, 即溶酵母 1 ½ 茶匙, 盐 1 茶匙, 幼糖 100克, 牛奶 50ml, 鸡蛋 1粒, 水250-300克.

{材料B} 牛油50克.

{材料C} 白芝麻适量, 溶化牛油少许.


1. 将材料A搅拌均匀, 然后搓揉至表面光滑; 加入材料B继续搓揉至光滑, 盖好让它发至双倍大(大约60-70分钟).

2. 当用手指按下去会浮起来表示面团发得刚刚好, 再次搓揉至表面光滑后, 休面15分钟.

3. 分割成大小随意的份量, 揉圆排放在摸了一层油的烤盘中发至双倍大, 喷上少许水, 洒上白芝麻.

4. 放入预热好的烤箱200◦C/400◦F烘约定12-15分钟至熟.

5. 取出, 扫上溶化牛油即可.

Sweet Sesame Seeds Buns

{Ingredients A} Bread flour/high protein flour x 500g, instant yeast x 1 ½ tsp, salt x 1 tsp, sugar x 100g, milk x 50ml, egg x 1, water 250-300g.

{Ingredients B} Butter x 50g

{Ingredients C} Some white sesame seeds, melted butter for brushing.


1. Mix all ingredients A together and knead till it can stretch into thin sheet; add in ingredient B and knead till smooth, cover and leave to prove till double in bulk. (Approximately 60-70 mins)

2. To test, press with finger and the depression should rise up and back to shape, punch down and knead again till smooth, leave aside to rest for 15 mins.

3. Divide into suitable sizes and shape into balls, arrange onto a baking tray that coated with a layer of butter/oil, spray with a little water and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

4. Bake in preheated oven at 200◦C/400◦F for 12-15 mins till golden brown.

5. Remove, brush with melted butter.

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