Sunday, December 22, 2013

姜汤红糖双色汤圆 Tang Yuan in Sweet Ginger Soup

你吃了吗? 冬至(The DongZhi or Winter Solstice Festival)要吃汤圆, 今年可是我第一次自己亲手搓汤圆耶。虽然说吃汤圆就添一岁, 不过不吃也照样要多加一岁啊,异乡寒冷的冬天特意上网搜寻了一下这款汤圆来驱寒保暖。


{材料} 糯米粉150克, 热水适量,巧克力粉适量, 班兰叶3片, 姜2 小块,红糖110克, 水1000毫升。

1. 将1000毫升的水加入姜块与班兰叶烧开后, 放入红糖煮至溶化, 把适量的红糖水拿起来待凉。

2. 将糯米粉分成两份, 一份加入巧克力粉, 然后分别与适量的热水拌均, 搓至不黏手的面团, 再搓成圆形之小汤圆。

3. 将刚才煮好的红糖姜水再次煮开, 水开后加入2大匙的冷却红糖水(间中反复大约三次),慢慢放入小汤圆, 转中火煮至汤圆浮起即可。

Tang Yuan in Sweet Ginger Soup

{Ingredients} Glutinous rice flour x 150g, some hot water, cocoa powder, pandan leaves x 3 slices, ginger x 2, brown sugar x 110g, water 1000ml.


1. Add in the pandan leaves and ginger to 1000ml water and bring it to boil, add in brown sugar to cook till fully dissolve, bring up about half cup of brown sugar water and let cool.

2. Divide the glutinous rice flour to 2 portions, add in cocoa powder in one of them,

gradually add in water to knead the dough until soft, smooth, and not sticky to the fingers, then shape the dough to even-sized balls.

3. Bring the sweet ginger water to boil, add in 2 tbsp of cool brown sugar water ( in between about 3 times), add the tang yuan into the boiling water and cook until they float to the surface.

祝男女人们冬至快乐, 合家欢乐大团圆!

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