Saturday, August 25, 2018

肉碎蘑菇 Minced Meat Mushroom

肉碎蘑菇  Minced Meat Mushroom


{材料} 蘑菇(洗净切半),肉碎(加点米酒和麻油腌5分钟), 蒜碎适量。

{调味料} 黑酱油几滴,酱油1茶匙,蚝油1汤匙,清水1汤匙,栗米粉1茶匙,糖和胡椒粉少许,搅拌成综合酱汁备用。


1. 锅中用黄油爆香蒜碎, 加入肉碎,蘑菇片与调味料拌炒均匀至水分收干即可。

Minced Meat Mushroom

{Ingredients} Mushroom (washed and cut into half), minced meat (marinate with some rice wine and sesame oil for 5 mins), some chopped garlic.

{Seasonings} Black soy sauce few drops, soy sauce x 1 tsp, oyster sauce x 1 tbsp, water x 1 tbsp, cornstarch x 1 tsp, some sugar and pepper, mixed well.


1. Heat up pan with some melted butter to sauté chopped garlic till fragrant, add in minced meat, mushroom slices and seasonings to stir-fry till thicken up. Serve hot.

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