Saturday, February 2, 2013

花生酱饼 Peanut Cookies

第一次自己做这类年饼, 效果显著不错哦…很幼滑耶!


{材料} 花生酱150克, 油50-100ml(牛油, 花生油或煮菜油都可以), 糖粉90克, 面粉250克(过筛), 盐1/2 小匙, 鸡蛋1粒(打散, 抹皮用)


1. 将花生酱, 糖粉及盐拌匀, 加面粉后徐徐加入油至可搓成软面团. (可以搓成小圆形又不裂开即可)

2. 用手搓成小圆球形, 放在已抹油或洒上些许面粉的烘盘上.

3. 用小支吸管在每个小圆球上印出圆形状后, 抹上蛋液.

4. 预热烤箱160◦C, 然后放入烘烤20-25分钟至金黄色便可取出, 待冷才收进罐子里.

做法1;  method 1
做法2-3; method 2-3
做法4; method 4
Peanut Cookies

{Ingredients} Peanut butter x 150g, oil x50-100ml(butter, peanut oil or olive oil also can), icing sugar x 90g, all purpose flour x 250g (sifted), salt x ½ tsp, egg x 1 (beaten, for glazing)


1. Mix peanut butter, icing sugar abd salt in a big mixing bowl; slowly add in flour and oil until it can form into soft dough. (Can roll into ball shape without breaking will do.)

2. Form into small balls, place onto a greased or floured baking sheet.

3. Use a small straw to make a small round shape on each small balls, glaze with beaten egg.

4. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160◦C for about 20-25 mins till golden brown. Remove, leave to cool before storing.

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