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酱烤鸡翅膀 Soy Sauce Baked Chicken Wings

酱烤鸡翅膀 Soy Sauce Baked Chicken Wings

近期最爱做的一道料理之一, 因为可以避开令我反感的油烟味。顿时觉得烤箱的用处其实太方便了, 物到用时方知好就是这个意思吧, 以前就觉得它除了烘培没什么大作用。


{材料}鸡翅膀 10 只 (洗净, 在鸡翅上划两刀方便入味)

{腌料}蒜碎2汤匙, 酱油3汤匙, 黑酱油1茶匙,米酒1大匙, 五香粉与胡椒粉适量

{调味料} 蜜糖2汤匙


1. 鸡翅膀用腌料腌至少一天。

2. 把腌好的鸡翅排放好在已经铺上锡纸的烤盘上。

3. 将剩下的腌料加上蜂蜜拌均匀, 涂刷在鸡翅上。

4. 放入预热到190◦C/380◦F的烤箱烤15分钟左右。

5. 拿出来反面后, 再涂上一次蜂蜜腌料, 放入烤箱再烤15分钟或至颜色稍微变焦即可。

Soy Sauce Baked Chicken Wings

{Ingredients} Chicken wings x 10 (washed, lightly cut 2 lines on the skin for better taste)

{Marinades} Chopped garlic x 2 tbsp, soy sauce x 3 tbsp, black soy sauce x 1 tsp, rice wine x 1 tbsp, some five spice powder and pepper.

{Seasonings} Honey x 2 tbsp


1. Mix chicken wings with marinades sauce to marinate for at least a day.

2. Arrange chicken wings on top of baking tray that wrapped with aluminium foil.

3. Mixed leftover marinades sauce with honey, apply a thin layer on both sides of wings.

4. Bake in pre-heated oven at 190◦C/380◦F for 15 mins.

5. Remove and flip over, apply 2nd layer of thin honey, continue to bake for another 15 mins or until the color turn to dark brown or cooked. Ready for serve.

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