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金针菇小白菜 Stir-fry Chinese Cabbage with Enoki Mushroom

金针菇小白菜 Stir-fry Chinese Cabbage with Enoki Mushroom


{材料} 金针菇1包(洗净,泡温热水),小白菜(洗净切丝),蒜碎,鸡肉碎(用一点酱油与胡椒粉腌上10分钟),萝卜丝

{调味料} 盐 ½ 茶匙,蚝油 1茶匙,鸡粉少许, 水2汤匙


1. 白菜丝先在加了油与盐的沸水中川烫大约一分钟, 过冷水沥干备用。

2. 起油锅爆香蒜碎, 加入鸡肉碎炒至变色后再加入萝卜丝和金针菇拌炒一下。

3. 然后, 加入白菜丝与调味料以大火拌炒均匀即可。

Stir-fry Chinese Cabbage with Enoki Mushroom

{Ingredients} Enoki mushroom x 1 pack (wash and soaked in warm hot water), chinese cabbage (wash and shredded, chopped garlic, some ground chicken (marinate with some soy sauce and pepper for 10 mins), shredded carrots.

{Seasonings} Salt x ½ tsp, oyster sauce x 1 tsp, some chicken powder, water x 2 tbsp


1. Blanch over shredded chinese cabbage in boiling water that add with some oil and salt for about 1 mins, rinse through cold water and drain well, set aside.

2. Heat up some oil to sauté chopped garlic till fragrant, add in ground chicken to cook till turn color only add in carrots and enoki mushroom to continue stir-frying.

3. Then, add in chinese cabbage and seasonings to cook under high heat to mix all the ingredients well. Ready to serve.

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