Monday, January 28, 2013

炸蟹柳 Fried Crab Fillets

今年的农历新年或许妈妈不在身旁, 自己又远在他乡; 想念新年其间某些爱吃的饼干, 所以要动手做才可以解决想念它们的滋味啊! 做了之后发现没有想象中难, 只要挤出多余的时间与厨房用具齐全就能大显身手啦…没出手永远只能在原地踏步!


{材料} 蟹柳与粘米粉适量

{调味料} 盐少许.


1. 先把蟹柳对半切, 过后再切成一半, 一条总共切成四条. 然后拔成一丝丝,放在风扇低下吹大概一小时让蟹柳够干身, 拿去炸就不会黏成一团.

2. 用一个干净的盘放些粘米粉,把干身的蟹柳丝放下去粘粉,粘好了又放去过滤网里弄掉多余的粉就可以炸了. (放粉炸, 收久了不会那么容易变硬.)

3. 热油锅以中火炸, 等到颜色差不多转黄时开大火炸至金黄色即可. 待冷后撒上些许盐就可放入罐里.

Fried Crab Fillets

{Ingredients} Crab fillets and rice flour in right amount.

{Seasonings} Some salt.


1. First, cut the crab fillets in half, and then cut into another half, total cut into four strips. Then, shredded it into the slightest, put under the fan for blow in about an hour to ensure the shredded crab fillets enough dry, this help when going for deep fried later will not stick together.

2. Use a clean plate put in some rice flour, coated shredded crab fillet and then filter up those excess flour. (Use rice flour to fry can make the crab fillet can keep longer with crunchy.)

3. Heat the pan with enough hot oil, switch to medium heat to fry the shredded crab fillets until almost change to yellow color, turn back to high heat and fry till golden brown color, remove and drain oil, leave to cool and sprinkle a little salt, then can be placed in the jar.

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