Saturday, October 25, 2014

烧肉意大利面 Roasted Pork Fried Spaghetti

 Roasted Pork Fried Spaghetti

{材料} 烧肉丁, 细意大利面, 蒜碎, 红辣椒碎

{调味料} 蕃茄酱1茶匙,盐1茶匙, 鸡粉少许


1. 水加少许盐与橄榄油煮开后, 放入面条煮大约九分钟, 捞起过冷水备用。

2. 热3大匙橄榄油锅, 放入蒜与辣椒碎碎炒香, 加入烧肉丁拌炒一下。

3. 然后, 加入面条与调味料翻炒一会儿即可。

Roasted Pork Fried Spaghetti

{Ingredients} Diced roasted pork, angel hair spaghetti, chopped garlic and red chili.

{Seasonings} Tomato sauce x 1 tsp, salt x 1 tsp, some chicken powder


1. Bring some water with salt and olive oil to a boil; add spaghetti to boiling water to cook for 9 mins, stirring occasionally. Remove and drain with cold water.

2. Heat up pan with 3 tbsp of olive oil to saute chopped garlic till fragrant, add in diced roasted pork to cook for a while.

3. Then, add in spaghetti and seasonings continue to stirring for well mixed, serve hot.

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